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Dick Cassidy

Andreas Racing Association were shocked to hear that Dick Cassidy had passed away suddenly at home. Dick had a great racing career and went onto to give over 30 years service as a Travelling Marshall at the TT / Manx Grand Prix / Southern 100 and Jurby Road Race, retiring from the Chief Travelling Marshal job at the end of 2012. Dick continued to support local road racing and continue to follow the local talent.

Rest in Peace Dick you will be missed.

Thoughts are with Julie and family.

29th October 2018

On behalf of the Andreas Racing Association (ARA) committee I would like to update all our members on plans that have been agreed for 2019 and to keep everyone up to date with the management of the Jurby Motordrome facility.

To All Andreas Racing Association members, please find below information regarding the 2019 season and Jurby Motordrome, a copy of which will also be posted to each member week commencing 28th October 2018.

ARA plans for 2019.

The 2018 Motorcycle Road Racing Season started well with entries respectable in all classes, however as the season progressed the entries started decline in all classes.

The reduced entries ended up with the club running some events at a loss and one round being cancelled due to the club not being able to continue to run events at a loss.

As most of you will be aware costs in all areas continue to increase, with this and based on the entries in 2018 we need to find a solution to increase the number of entries for 2019.

The committee have agreed a plan for 2019 to try and increase entries together with increasing track time per event giving value for money to each competitor.

Registration / Membership.

The committee have a duty to provide each member sufficient track time at an affordable cost that will in turn cover overheads to run a race meeting and ensure funds are available to maintain and develop the facility for the benefit of the members and users.

As stated above, 2018 proved to be a season that started well with entries but declined during the year costing the club money and eating into any reserves that would be used for further development of the facility. The club cannot afford to continue to do this so we have put together a new format for 2019 regarding Registration and Membership.

  • Registration : £120.00 for the year.
  • Benefits for paying the registration fee is:
  • Saving of £20.00 per track day, Potential saving of £240.00 if you do all 12 track days.
  • (If a Registered Competitor does 50% of the track days – you will qualify for one free track day)
  • Saving of £20.00 per race entry – Potential saving of £120.00 if you do all race meetings.
  • Use of the Club preferred rates with the Steam Packet Company.

The registration fee effectively costs an additional £70.00 from the standard membership and gives you potential savings of over £400.00 (Free Track day value incl.) if you compete in all track days and race meetings.


Standard 2019 Membership will be £50.00 per person. No Benefits.

The registration option has been put in place to give each competitor a discount when they use the facility and "guarantee" numbers per race meeting and track days, so we as a club can commit to run each and every planned race day and track day.

The standard membership has increased due to increased operating costs.

2019 Race Meetings

As mentioned above, we need to increase entries and ensure our income exceeds the cost to operate so additional improvements can take place at the facility as well as giving as much track time as possible to each competitor.

The club are planning to hold their first road race meeting of 2019 over a two-day event over the Easter weekend in 2019, with a track day during the PM of Good Friday. This will give all competitors a valuable amount of track time and the format will see practice and qualifying on the Saturday Morning starting at 1000 and racing started as soon as qualifying has finished or after the lunch break, whichever comes first.

There will be one race for each class on the Saturday afternoon.

Sunday will start at 1000 with free practice for each class, then straight into racing for each class where there will be two races per class during the day.

The last race of the day on the Sunday will be an invitation race, for the fastest four riders in each class, invited to ride, (no entry fee - this is by invitation) and riders will be advised on the day.

Some of the classes will be put together into one race with separate class results due to entries based on 2018.

The committee feel that changing the format with the race weekends will benefit each competitor with increased track time, and the introduction of the registration fee gives commitment to the club, with benefits to those that commit, and the introduction of an invitation race shows the club commitment to its members.

The track days prior to a 2 day race weekend will only be open to those that have entered the 2 day event.

The entry fee for the two day race meeting will be £220.00 (£200.00 if a registered rider)

The entry fee for the two day race meeting for Sidecars will be £240.00 (£200.00 if both riders registered)

The entry fee for the track day will be £80.00 (£60.00 if a registered rider)

One day race meetings will have slight changes will classes running together and a slight increase in entry fees, but registered riders will see a reduction.

Track Days.

Track days for non-races, IE road riders that do not race, can also register for 2019 and the same benefits will apply in respect of discounts.

Track days will be priced at £80.00 – Registered riders will save £20.00 per track day, potential saving £240.00 over 12 track days.

(If a Registered Competitor does 50% of the track days – you will qualify for one free track day)

All Track days require a non-refundable 50% deposit to be paid at least two weeks prior to the event, deposits can be made at Quayside Tyre and Service Centre and / or via paypal via the website link* hopefully have this working soon.


The club now need to promote the race meetings and Track Days within the Isle of Man and the UK, we will be using an advertising company to pull a professional advert together to try and attract UK customers, and we are waiting on preferred rates from the Steam Packet so we can build package prices.

I am sure that you are all aware we need to do something to increase the number of competitors and the committee has spent some time coming up with this plan, which we feel we need to try, one to get commitment from local riders and two increase UK riders, as well as the club putting something back to its members with regards to discounts.

All the above is subject to numbers, (Race Meetings and Track days) we hope that all riders will choose the registration route and this will give the club the flexibility to run all events.

Jurby Motordrome.

You may or may not be aware and to keep each member updated the management of Jurby Motordrome is carried out by a management team derived from members of the Andreas Racing Association and this have been running for the last 5 years.

The agreement comes to a close of 31st January 2019 and to ensure continuity in Government agreements the management of the facility has gone out to tender.

We will as a management team be submitting a tender response and hopefully we will continue to manage the facility and continue to build the infrastructure at the facility.

Part of the submission will be including user feedback, we will be asking some members for feedback of the management of the facility.

We will keep everyone up to date of the progress and outcome of this process.

It is our intention to hold a Registration / membership night early November so everyone can join the club and obtain their licence codes, please check our Facebook page for date / time and location.

Shaun Counsell.
Andreas Racing Association Chairman.

ACU Competition Licence fees 2019

At a meeting on the 24th September 2018 of ACU Ltd., the Board of Directors have decided to increase competitor's licence fees for 2019 as follows;

ACU Competition Licence - £52.00
Minors aged 13 years and above - £52.00
Minors aged 12 years and below - £30.00
Trials Registration - £12.00
One Event Licence - remains at £15.00

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